Rotation – Orientation Manager MOD APK (Unlocked) 27.1.3


Thu Nov 04 2023 03:36:39 GMT+0530

3 minutes ago - Orientation | Orientation Manager gives you complete control over your phone’s navigation. If you are facing problems related to your phone constantly turning in different directions without really needing to, then this is the application that will help you. This app lets you customize how you navigate through your phone’s apps directly..


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MIt can certainly be said that everyone who uses a telephone or pill will have to deal with this and feel uncomfortable about it. A current telecell smartphone can have a feature that can easily help you with many different things with unique packages. In addition, there is the temporary memory of a tool that is optimized and thoroughly used for multitasking on our phones to manage the obligations at the same time. But a hassle takes place while we use the telecell smartphone with many features and functions. Unique packages will necessarily lose orientation, because there are packages that are installed with panoramic orientation during use. Conversely, many packages are installed to apply portrait orientation. And through unique personal surveys, the software came to the conclusion that it is very worrying if the telecell smartphone constantly changes orientation during use..