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  • Prep Time: 5 mins.
  • Cook Time: 20 mins.
  • Total Time: 25 mins.
  • Yield: 10 - 12 Crepes
Looking to switch things up for breakfast? Try using our NEW Just Add Water Pancake & Waffle Mix for a simple batch of crepes at home. 


2 Cups Simple Mills Just Add Water Pancake & Waffle Mix 
1 cup water  
2 tbsp avocado oil 
Coconut, avocado, or olive oil for cooking  
1 cup Greek yogurt, for topping 
2 cups fresh fruit, for topping 
Honey, for drizzling  


WHISK pancake mix, water, and 2 tbsp avocado oil in a mixing bowl until well combined. 
HEAT oil in a crepe pan or frying pan over medium heat 
SCOOP ¼ cup of the batter and pour it into the pan, tilting the pan or using a spatula to spread it into a large thin circle, about 7 inches wide.  
COOK for 1 minute, or until the crepe is firm enough to flip, then carefully flip and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes on the other side. The crepe should be golden brown on each side.  
REPEAT with the remaining batter, greasing the skillet in between crepes as needed. 
ENJOY with Greek yogurt, fresh berries, and a drizzle of honey!