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Organic Seed Flour Cracker Avocado Toast

  • Prep Time: 10 mins.
  • Cook Time: -
  • Total Time: 10 mins.
  • Yield: 20-30 bites


1 box Simple Mills Garlic & Herbs Organic Seed Flour Crackers

1 ripe avocado

1/4 cup diced red bell pepper

1 tsp lime juice 

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/8 tsp cracked pepper

Pinch chili flakes 


Everything Bagel Seasoning


MAKE the guacamole by mashing the avocado in a bowl using a fork. 

ADD diced red bell pepper, lime juice, garlic powder, salt, pepper and chili flakes. Mix, taste and adjust seasonings to your liking if desired.

GARNISH Simple Mills crackers with guacamole, microgreens and Everything Bagel Seasoning.

ENJOY immediately.