5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

April 24, 2019

The month of May brings with it warmer weather, beautiful blooms and Mother’s Day. If you are looking for ideas how to celebrate all of the wonderful mothers in your life, check out these creative and delicious ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Woman sitting with legs crossed in meditation pose

#1 Mother’s Day Motivation or Meditation

Kickoff the start of Mother’s Day with a workout. Head out to the gym or Mom’s favorite local studio for a morning class. Most gyms and studios even offer complimentary classes to all mothers on Mother’s Day, so if Mom has her eye on a new workout spot, do some research to see if they are offering any Mother’s Day deals or discounts. If Mom prefers to ease into her day with a mindful option, sign her up for a restorative yoga class or a meditation hour.

Gift Idea: If Mom enjoys a good workout, gift her a new gym bag stocked with her favorite finds like a new yoga mat, a reusable water bottle and some on-the-go snacks she can enjoy after her daily workout.

#2 Gather the Generations

Invite the entire family over for a Mother’s Day meal. Whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner, create a menu for everyone on your guest list, including those with any dietary restrictions. When everyone arrives, gather the generations together and have a family photo shoot to capture multiple generations of women united together as one family.

Gift Idea: Place the family photos taken at Mother’s Day and insert them into nice picture frames and then pass them out as gifts for Mother’s Day. You can even save some for future birthdays and holidays.

Daughter sitting on mothers shoulders walking in sunflower patch

#3 Spend the Day in Mother Nature

Turn Mother’s Day into a one day adventure and take Mom someplace special. Make it an entire family affair and head to a nearby park, lake or ocean and spend Mother’s Day outside in the great outdoors. After all, spending time together is what matters most, so pack a picnic for the park, go for a morning walk or an afternoon bike ride or take an evening hike. Remember to pack plenty of water and snacks like fresh fruit, Goji Berry and Cashew Breakfast Bars, Spicy Maple Cheddar Snack Mix and Sweet and Salty Trail Mix.

Gift Idea: If Mom enjoys time spent outside in Mother Nature, think of the gift of a new outfit she can sport on her morning walks or afternoon bike rides and hikes.

#4 Give Back to Other Moms

 Mother’s Day is about honoring all mothers, so this Mother’s Day, help a mother in need by donating to groups and organizations that help support mothers and children. You can even spend the day volunteering at a local women’s shelter.

Gift Idea: Give Mother’s Day gifts to other mothers in need by supplying them with essential products they may need. The best way to find out what products would be best is to contact your local community church or women’s shelter and ask what item they need most. Whether it is bath and body products, food donations or clothing, put together bags of essentials to share with other mothers and their families.

Mother enjoying bubble bath in bath tub reading a magazine

#5 Give Mom the Day Off

This Mother’s Day, give Mom the day off. Pamper her by scheduling some spa services for her at a local salon or spa. Some options include a blowout, manicure, pedicure, facial or deep tissue massage. If mom’s friends also plan on taking the day off, gather her group of friends together and send them off for a ladies lunch at their favorite restaurant. Make sure to make reservations far enough in advance though to guarantee a table.

Gift Idea: If you can’t send mom to the spa, then bring the spa to her by creating a homemade gift basket complete with some of her favorite bath and body products like bath bombs, candles, essential oils, hand lotion, face masks, and nail polish.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate all of the mothers in your life with these five ideas and remember to tag us @SimpleMills so we can see how you celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

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