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Holiday Gifting Ideas for the Foodies in Your Life

The holiday season is here, which means ‘tis the season for gift giving. Many of us have family, friends and loved ones to shop for and whether you’re buying a gift for a busy mom, a charcuterie connoisseur or a chocolate lover, we have the perfect gifts for all of the foodies in your life.


Ask an RD: Intuitive Eating Tips Around the Holidays

The holiday season is meant to be filled with joy and celebration. But when it comes to holiday eating, this can be a source of stress and anxiety for many. This time of year is known for more indulgent recipes with treats around every corner. It can feel overwhelming to prioritize your health while still enjoying your favorite holiday foods. But it is possible!


How Holiday Entertaining is Changing in 2020

Holiday celebrations have certainly not been cancelled this year, but it’s also not business as usual. Check out our survey results below to see how holiday entertaining is changing in 2020. 


How Simple Mills Founder and CEO , Katlin Will be Celebrating the Holidays This Year

Holiday traditions are as unique as the families celebrating them. From cookie swaps to holiday classics, everyone celebrates the holidays in their own style. This year, get an inside look at how our fearless founder, Katlin, will be celebrating the holiday season.


Simple Egg Swaps

The holidays are here and whether you are attending a social distanced soiree or hosting a small holiday feast with immediate family, it’s important to consider everyone’s dietary preferences. One of the easiest was to create a more mindful recipe for all holiday guests to enjoy no matter what their diet is by swapping out eggs. Here are six simple egg swaps you can use this holiday season or any time of year.


Simple Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Safely this Year

This year, celebrate the holidays safely with family and friends with some fun, yet simple activities. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s and every “smalliday” in between, we’ve got you covered with a dozen ideas to keep you and your loved ones connected and in the holiday spirit. Here are twelve activities to enjoy from  now until the New Year all while staying happy, healthy and safe.


Why We Love Almonds

It seems everywhere you turn people are singing praises for almonds.  Here at Simple Mills we LOVE almonds.  We choose specifically to include them in many of our products because of their nutritional density and deliciously flavor.


5 Reasons an Apple A Day is a Good Idea

The old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” encourages us to keep up with fruits and veggies, but in truth, apples are a real powerhouse of nutrition in a little package!  They are seasonally abundant in the fall and can be interwoven tastefully at main meals, snacks, or desserts.  Research even shows that apple consumption is associated with greater overall diet quality.  Let’s go on and take a bite out of an apple…


Ask an RD: What’s the best way to get probiotics through food?

Probiotic is the new buzzword in the health food industry. Probiotic strains are now being added to everything from chips and granola to nut butters. Thanks to marketing these trendy foods can often overshadow foods naturally rich in probiotics. But are these foods with added probiotics really worth the hype?


7 RD Approved Brand Swaps for the Holiday Season

We're so excited to partner with some of our favorite brands and Registered Dietitians to assemble a list of 7 nutritious healthy holiday snacks and treats that we love to eat daily to satisfy all of our cravings, while taking in nutrients and unprocessed ingredients that do good for our bodies.