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Advancing Regenerative Agriculture in Indonesian Coconut Sugar Communities

We are proud to announce The Coconut Sugar Project, a program designed to advance regenerative agriculture in organic coconut systems in Java, Indonesia. The project was developed in collaboration with suppliers, farmers, and our partners at PUR Projet


Tips for Navigating Your Local Farmer’s Market

Whether you are looking to eat with the seasons or find ways to support local farmers, shopping at the community farmers’ market is a great place to start. Read on for tips and trips for navigating your weekend trip to the farmers market!


Unique Ways to Incorporate Protein into your Diet

We partnered with Maria Zamarripa, MS, RD, who specializes in functional nutrition, to share unique ideas for how to incorporate protein into your diet in a more purposeful way!


Red, White, and Blue Recipes for the Fourth of July

Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July or just enjoying the summer sun, here are some red, white, and blue recipes perfect for all of your sweet summer snacking needs.


Tips for Planning a More Mindful Summer Picnic

The warm summer weather beckons us to spend more time in the great outdoors. Here are five simple tips to plan and prepare for a delicious summertime picnic. 


How We're Revolutionizing California Almond Farming

Introducing: The Almond Project! Follow along on our journey to revitalize our food system. 


Spring Produce: What's in Season!

Fruits and vegetables grown in their natural season are picked ripe and at the peak of their flavor. Whether you explore the local farmer’s market or the neighborhood grocer, in-season produce is soon to be everywhere this Spring. 


Live Full Series: Olivia Wagner, RD

Our #LiveFull series is back and we're celebrating National RD Day with Olivia Wagner of Liv Nourished Nutrition, who inspires us with her dedication to empowering women through health and wellness! 


Live Full Series: Tara Thomas

#LiveFull is all about finding your groove and getting things done so that you can feel your best. It's about finding what fuels you to feel like you can accomplish anything. We are kicking off a new series to highlight people that continue to inspire us to Live Full! First up, Chef and creative, Tara Thomas.


Winter Produce Guide

Not only is eating with the current season delicious, but it is also nutritious. Whether you shop at the community winter farmers market or peruse the aisles of your favorite local grocer, here are ten fruits and vegetables to be enjoyed during the winter season.