4 DIY Nourishing Homemade Gift Ideas

December 08, 2022

There are a few easy opportunities to add a little extra sparkle of sustainability to your holiday gift-giving. 

In addition to purchasing gifts that are eco-friendly, to begin with, you can also minimize your carbon footprint by gifting items that are from local artisans, local farmers, upcycling items, homemade items, to packaging. 

Eco-friendly Gifts 

When you’re purchasing gifts, keep in mind to shop and support businesses that have sustainable business practices, that make efforts to support the environment, that use materials that are upcycled or regenerative in nature, and that may offer eco-friendly shipping and packaging options. 

There are many artisans and local craft businesses that you can support as well through outlets like Etsy or local art studios and craft centers in your area. 


Nourishing Gift Ideas 

These gift ideas can be a combination of eco-friendly items you’ve purchased and homemade food items or curation of local items. 

1. For the tea drinker 

  • Ceramic tea mug 

  • Assorted loose-leaf tea  

  • Local honey jar, small 

  • Simple Mills Crunchy Toasted Pecan Cookies 

Gift package idea: use a basket that they can reuse for later, with a tea towel, and teaspoon. Or wrap the gift with a large tea towel by placing the tea inside the mug with honey and the box of cookies as the base. 

2. For the host 

Assorted food items to make a delicious cheeseboard including local honey, dried fruits, local honeycomb, sustainably made wood cheeseboard/cutting boards/platters, homemade cashew cheese, and assorted crackers from Simple Mills. 

Gift package idea: a basket with cheeseboard items inside. 


3. For the one that’s always on-the-go 

Our busy loved ones need extra easy nourishment for the on-the-go!  

Create a curated selection of nourishing snacks such as the Simple Mills soft baked bars in any flavor, dried fruit, homemade trail mix, a reusable water bottle, locally made hand lotions or beauty products made with eco-friendly ingredients, and more. 

Gift package idea: use a cotton tote or canvas bag for them to reuse and bring with them. 

4. For the baker  

Include a mix of baking ingredients like special flours like the Simple Mills organic nut & seed flour all purpose baking mix, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, walnuts, sourdough starter, and other food items commonly used in the baking they enjoy.  

In addition to ingredients, give them the convenient option of sprucing up any Simple Mills baking mixes including the brownie, artisan bread mix, vanilla cupcake mix, and pizza dough mix. 

Gift package idea: place the gifts inside a baking dish, cake pan, large mixing bowl, bread pan, or basket all of which can be reused in their home. 


Gift Packaging Ideas  

Let’s face it when we typically get a gift with tissue paper or extra decorations, most of that will land in the trash.  

Taking inspiration from the Japanese tradition of using cloths to carry belongings or wrap gifts, called Furoshiki, try using fabrics for gift wrapping. You can use old fabric pieces, tea towels, linens, cloth napkins, scarves, and bandanas. 

If you do receive gifts with tissue paper, opt for keeping them for next year to reuse!  

In addition to wrapping gifts, you can contain the gift in baskets, glass jars, or other upcycled containers depending on the enclosed gift. 

For decorations, try sprigs of herbs, twigs, or pinecones. 


Curating nourishing gifts for your loved ones can be easy, affordable, and a more sustainable option! 

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