7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Body from the Inside Out

March 01, 2019

We spring clean our homes, our closets and even our kitchen cabinets and pantries, but have you ever thought of spring cleaning your body? The spring season is associated with a time of growth and fresh energy so it’s the perfect time to adapt health and wellness practices that compliment the new spring season. Here are seven ways you can spring clean your body holistically.

Pitcher of water with various herbs and limes with strawberries cut oranges and almonds
#1 Drink Water or Herbal Tea

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the spring season is associated with the liver, and because od this, calls for drinking more water. When drinking water, add a splash of fresh lemon juice, which will help stimulate the liver. If you want some additional flavor during your daily hydration, opt for a mug of herbal tea. Some teas that pair perfectly with the spring season include:

Licorice Root

Person in balancing yoga pose in front of mountains and frozen lake
#2 Get Outside

When we spring clean our homes, we usually open all of the windows to rid our space of the dry, stagnant winter air, which simultaneously allows fresh, springtime air to enter, so do the same with your body by getting outside. Go for a walk with a friend or on your own. You can even take your daily workouts outside. Not only will you be getting fresh air and sunshine, but immersing yourself in Mother Nature is one of the best ways to feel the changing of the seasons on every level, ultimately helping you to acclimate to a new season sooner.

#3 Load Up on Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables such as as arugula, beet, bok choy, chard, dandelion, endive, kale, mustard greens, parsley and spinach, are known to be particularly cleansing to the body. After an indulgent holiday season filled with festive foods and delicious delights, your body may be craving a reset, so load up on lots of leafy greens.

Person sitting in meditative yoga pose
#4 Manage Stress Levels

The liver is the main organ associated with stress and since the springtime season focuses on the liver, give your liver a little extra TLC. During the day, remember to focus on your breathe and breathe deeply. Short, shallow breaths can make the body feel stressed whereas deep belly breaths can help your body feel more relaxed.

Organic beets to be used in many recipes
#5 Let Mother Nature Make the Menu

As winter transitions into spring, it’s time to swap out warming foods and winter produce for fresh springtime foods. During spring, the body emerges from cold, dry winter months and uses the spring season to prepare for warmer weather and more activity, making it a good time to eat greener, lighter, more alive foods. Some springtime foods to fill your grocery cart include:

Green Tea

During the winter months, you may have filled your plate with an array of spicy flavors to heat things up, but during the springtime, lay off the spices and instead, opt for sour flavors. An easy way to add some sour flavor to your meals is by adding a splash or two of fresh lemon or lime juice to your dish.

Sprouted Chickpea Salad Sandwich made with almond flour baking mix artisan bread

#6 Lighten Up Your Cooking

During the winter months, our bodies crave hearty comfort foods like soups, stews and casseroles. As the weather begins to warm up, switch over to lighter foods like fresh seasonal salads and sandwiches.

Woman in yellow sweater smiling,  excited to make recipes
#7 Let Go and Live

Instead of focusing on the less-than-healthy habits you may have picked up over winter, show yourself some self love and get back to focusing on your health and wellness routines. Just like your New Year’s goals, it’s all about taking small, actionable steps that will help you move forward and towards your overall goals.


When it comes to spring cleaning this season, don’t forget to spring clean the most important thing of all - your health. Use these seven simple tips to spring clean your body holistically and be sure to tag us @SimpleMills so we can see how you spring clean your health and wellness routines. Happy Spring Everyone!

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