Winterize Your Diet with These 5 Foods

February 04, 2019

Now that the merriment of the holiday season has passed, you be craving a slower pace of life and some grounding energy. In Ayurvedic beliefs, foods offer a unique set of energies, each of which affect our bodies in different ways. Realign yourself and your body with the winter season by enjoying these five foods.

Jar of fermented foods is a good snack to consume to promote gut health

#1 Fermented Foods

The process of fermentation was originally meant to preserve vegetables for the winter months, so what better time to enjoy them. Fermented foods warm the body and help support gut healthy and immunity, which is an added benefit during the wintertime. This winter, try eating more fermented foods like:

-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Coconut Kefir



-Raw Sauerkraut


Want to learn how to ferment your own food? Take it from the pros.

#2 Focus on Omega-3’s

During the midst of vata season, November-February, it is important to turn to foods that are higher in protein and fat as these foods are satiating and can help the body repair and rejuvenate itself before we emerge into the new season of spring. During winter, fill up on foods like coconut oil, ghee, nuts, olive oil, seeds, wild caught salmon.

Cheesy vegan broccoli soup served with Almond Flour Crackers Sea Salt

#3 Fill Up on Fiber

Fiber-rich foods are abundant during fall and winter and supports better intestinal health. In Ayurveda, better digestive health in the wintertime is the body’s way of getting rid of excess heat that may have accumulated at the end of summer, which can lead to dryness within the body. During winter, fill up on fiber-rich foods like apples, almonds, broccoli, and seeds.

#4 Pick Up Some Protein

Proteins are the basic building blocks for the body and are vital for an array of things like immunity, strength and skin health, so if you aren’t Vegan or Vegetarian,  you might eat a little more animal meat this time of year. A great way to do this is through soups, stews or making your own bone broth. However, if you prefer more plant-based proteins, try foods like eggs, nuts, seeds, Spirulina and yogurt.

Beet soup being served with Sprouted Seed Crackers

#5 Underground Vegetables

Similar to the fall season, root vegetables are great to eat during the winter months. Beets, carrots, garlic, ginger, potatoes, radishes, sweet potatoes and turnips are all vegetables that grow underground, so they tend to be heavy and more dense, which makes them ideal for vata season.

Get grounded and align your body with the winter season this year by enjoying these five foods.

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