What's the Deal with Woo-Woo Wellness?

January 12, 2017

 Woman in balancing yoga pose sourrounded by confetti
Photo Credit: Lululemon

            You may have noticed within the past year more of your friends have become yoga gurus, clean-eaters, or have taken up some kind of daily meditation. You might still feel skeptical of all the “good vibes” Instagram posts you see as you scroll down your feed. Well+Good predicts that woo-woo wellness is one of the next big trends coming in 2017. But what is it, you ask? Experts believe that through meditation and energy comes natural medicine and healing. Whether it is joint pain or mental instability, changing your everyday routine thoughts can truly better your life. People are now accepting that good energy is powerful and real. Lisa Levine, founder of Maha Rose (a Brooklyn mecca for holistic healing), tells us, “It’s an intense time to be alive. And intense times call for some serious magic.”

            Yoga. Reiki. Crystals. Simply listening to your gut intuition. Whatever it may be, they all have a common theme here- meditation (or wooing your brain to think a certain way). These practices are beneficial if you do them right. That’s the key take away with woo-woo wellness: practice and have intention. This trend is becoming so popular because people are finally noticing that with healthier thoughts comes a healthier life.

We love that this idea is becoming so trendy because at Simple Mills we always encourage eating with intention and mindfulness! 


Here are the trendiest ways to participate in the wellness wave.

  • Take up meditation, or a hobby that includes meditation. Yoga is great- if you do it with intention. Be authentic and really try to take the time in class for yourself. Leave out worrying about your to-do list that has a million things on it while you’re in happy baby. If you want to try plain-old meditating, one of our favorite apps to get started is called “Headspace
  • Become intentional with what you put into your body. This doesn’t necessarily mean skip out on your favorite foods or only eat salads for every meal. Your body works hard everyday so be thoughtful with what you give it. Leave out the GMO’s and harsh ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Eat often and drink lots of water!
  • Light up your home with a Himalayan salt rock lamp. Just like a healthy diet can help rid your body of toxins, a salt rock lamp can help rid your home of unwanted germs and particles. Salt rock lamps are known for increasing the amount of negative ions in the air and this increases the flow of oxygen to your brain, creating a more energized and alert feeling. These lamps also can help relieve symptoms of asthma and allergies due to their hygroscopic properties. Get yours here.
  • Pick up a few crystals to wear or decorate your desk with. Each colored crystal holds different energies and healing powers. So whether you need alleviation from stress, or you just need a creative spark, there are certain types of crystals that can benefit your needs.
  • Next time you’re thinking of treating yourself to the same old massage, opt instead for a Reiki session. Reiki is a natural Japanese healing technique known for creating relaxation and relieving stress of the patient by channeling energy from the touch of a therapist. This is a great way to try something new and connect your mind, body, and spirit.
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