7 Brilliant Morning Routine Hacks

July 29, 2018

How you start your day plays a huge role in how the rest of your day will unfold, so we’re all in favor of setting ourselves up for success. Here are seven morning routine hacks that will make getting ready in the mornings more efficient. 

Mason Jar Salads with Grain-free Croutons made with Almond Flour Baking Mix Artisan Bread


#1 Prepare the Night Before

A stress-free morning starts the night before. In the evening, select your outfit, shoes and accessories for the next day. If you workout in the mornings, lay out your gym clothes or if you get your sweat session on during lunch or after work, pack your gym bag. While you’re preparing for the next day, pack a healthy lunch and some snacks for the office like this easy to make mason jar salad with a side of roasted dairy free cracker dip.

#2 Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier

It can be tempting to hit the snooze button a few times once to make the most of every minute of sleep. Instead, each day this week, set your alarm for 6 minutes earlier than you woke up the day before. By the end of the week, you’ll have an extra extra half hour to ease into your morning. 

#3 Keep the Devices at Bay

Instead of rolling over and grabbing your phone or computer right away, mentally list three things you are grateful for that day. This will automatically shift your perspective before you get out of bed. They can be small things like smelling that first cup of coffee brewing in your kitchen or they can be bigger things like nailing yesterday’s presentation at the office.

#4 Hydrate

After 7-9 hours of sleep, your body needs some water to dehydrate. Pour yourself a big glass of water and leave it on your bedside table so you can leisurely sip on it as you ease into the day. After your morning glass of water, enjoy your favorite morning beverage like a hot cup of tea or a mug of fresh coffee.

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#5 Move Your Body

After a good night’s rest, get those muscles moving! Stretching helps build flexibility in the body and gently wakes up your muscles. Grab a foam roller, do some easy yoga poses, or go for a brisk morning walk around the block.

#6 Meal Prep Breakfast

Whether you enjoy drinking your breakfast in the form of a smoothie or prefer a hot breakfast like on-the-go mini quichesspend some time meal prepping one day each week so your favorite breakfast dishes are already prepared and ready for you to enjoy. Need some inspiration? Check out these delicious breakfast recipes.


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#7 Set Intentions

It’s important to remind yourself what you are striving for everyday, so while you enjoy your morning cup of matcha or take a bite out of a freshly baked blueberry muffin, set your intention for the day. Whether it’s a daily intention or an intention you picked for the month or year, remind yourself of your intention so you can remember what you are striving for.

Set yourself up for a success morning with these seven hacks so you can make your mornings more efficient.

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