6 Simple Ways to Get Moving at Work

March 27, 2015

Humans are meant to move all throughout the day. However, we spend just about all of our waking time sitting or generally sedentary. 
This behavior impacts every part of our functioning from our metabolism to our cognition to our physical mobility. 

It is likely that you've heard this or intuitively feel it on a daily basis. In this article, I want to share a few movements that we use at Chicago Primal Gym to combat some of the negative physical consequences of sitting. 

When we sit too much we tend to lose mobility in the hips and thoracic spine (in the rib cage region). Just as simple ingredients are so important to health, so are these simple, basic movements. If you feel locked in the up or have any chronic aches and pains, give these exercises a try throughout the day and see which ones improve the way you feel. 


All of these movements can be done with or without props. Click the links below for a quick video explanation!

Wall Sit with Reach
Hinge reach 
Leg lower
Bear Crawl 
Kneeling Clean to Press

Sean Griffin is the Founder of Chicago Primal Gym. In 2013, combining his passions for coaching and business, he decided to open his own training studio. His goal was to create a holistic experience that encompasses every component of healthy and happy living. Since that time, CPG has gained two other great coaches (Grant Anderson and Joanna Silvers) and has become a strong community dedicated to self-improvement.
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