5 Recipes Your Easter Egg Hunters Will Love

March 23, 2018

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Eggs aren't the only thing we're dying (naturally) this year. Join us in dying our organic frosting with colorful foods instead of artificial colors for our Easter Egg Sugar Cookies.

Spring Pea Bites

We’re springing into these Spring Pea Bites before they’re all gone!

Egg Nest Mini Cheesecakes

Looking for an ‘eggcelent’ Easter dessert?  These Egg Nest Mini Cheesecakes are crafted using 10 simple ingredients + our Vanilla Cake Mix.

Carrot Dip

We heard the Easter Bunny was eyeing up this dairy-free carrot dip.

Hot Cross Buns

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross grain-free buns.

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