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5 Ways to Eat Green (Naturally) on St. Patrick's Day

March 06, 2018

Spring Green Pizza

A pizza that is fresh, clean & green -- look no further than this Spring Green Pizza.

Green-frosted vanilla cupcakes

Naturally-colored frosting is the move this St. Patrick’s Day.  We dyed our Organic Vanilla Frosting green with green tea matcha.

Spring Pea Cracker Bites

These easy Spring Pea Cracker Bites are the perfect appetizer for your St. Patrick’s day celebration.

Ultimate Appetizer Platter + Spring Pea Dip

Upgrade your St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza with this appetizer platter & super green Spring Pea Dip.

Mint Matcha Pie

Avocado & Matcha are the sneaky ingredients that not only make this dessert green but provide a natural boost of energy. also add health benefits.

Matcha Cake Balls

In a rush to make a St. Patrick’s Day dessert?  These Coconut Matcha Cake Balls are the perfect 30 minute dessert & only require seven ingredients.

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