Liv Nourished Nutrition, who inspires us with her dedication to empowering women through health and wellness! " />

Live Full Series: Olivia Wagner, RD

March 08, 2022


Our #LiveFull series is back and we're celebrating National RD Day with Olivia Wagner of Liv Nourished Nutrition, who inspires us with her dedication to empowering women through health and wellness! 

Wagner is a functional dietitian with a mission of empowering women in their health journey and guiding them to healing so they can restore mind and body balance, reclaim confidence, and refocus energy into a life of purpose and joy. Olivia not only supports individuals on their health journies, but she also partners with brands (like us!) to educate and collaborate with us on all things health and wellness. Read more about what inspires Olivia to Live Full below. 

What got you started in dietetics?
I have always been a foodie to the core and some of my fondest memories growing up involved cooking with my family.  The idea of learning how food could not only nourish the soul, but the body was completely fascinating to me!
What’s been the most rewarding part of your work?
Without a doubt, empowering women in their health and feminine being.  I chose to specialize in women’s health, specifically PCOS, period problems, and fertility because I found this to be a very disempowered space that is too often written off with conventional quick fixes vs. long term solutions.  The purpose of my work is to help women address the root causes to their health challenges with personalized nutrition, realistic lifestyle support, advanced lab testing, and mind-body practices as the first line of intervention.  Diet culture is tough!  Watching women find sustainable balance and re-establish trust in both mind and body nourishment is amazing.   My intention is to guide women back to a place of reconnecting with their inner wisdom and learning to heal, nourish, and sustain health in a way that feels truly authentic.  Health is not a one sized fits all approach!  I make sure to echo that personalization in my work every day.
What does a typical day look like for you?
I always start my day with 1-2 hours of non-work time.  This might involve a walk, reading, tidying while listening to a podcast, and my morning self care routine - skincare, stretching, gratitude journal, hydration, and breakfast before starting my day!  My week is balanced by days I see my fantastic clients virtually (women’s health - PCOS, period problems, fertility) and business development days I call my “admin days”.  On any given client day I will be creating treatment plans, reviewing functional lab tests (often related to hormones and gut health), connecting with new potential clients,  digging into research to support client cases best, and coaching 1:1 with clients for virtual sessions visits.   I LOVE these high energy days and like to break them days up with walks, mini workouts, and “napitiation” sessions to recharge during the day!  On admin days you can find me creating content for IG, my website, or newsletter, working on new projects and business initiatives, connecting with my RD entrepreneur community to support each other with the biz and client care, connecting with other professionals to collaborate and each-others communities,  and supporting my own growth and self care with therapy and business coaching - you have to put your mask on first ;)!  I find these days to be a fantastic balance to client days and really center me in my week! 

Besides nutrition counseling, what other types of health and wellness focused clients do you work with?
I love working with Simple Mills because they strive to make healthful choices easy while supporting a positive culture around mindful nourishment long-term. In addition to my private practice I consult with a fertility insurance benefit to provide education and functional nutrition expertise to their members throughout their family planning journeys.

What’s something that helps you #LiveFull?
After many years of discovery, the 3 things that help me live the most full are connection, being in nature, and quality sleep. These recharge me in ways that nothing else can.  When I first think of living full, I think of connection to things that bring me joy.  I love spending time being active in nature (especially hiking!), hugging my family's Golden Retrievers, and laughing with friends and loved ones.  I know when I am not prioritizing my sleep my cup feels low (and you can’t really give from an empty cup!).  For that reason I make it a priority to practice a sleep routine and listen to my body to get the sleep that I feel best with - even if that means sleeping more than I had planned to! 
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