5 Last Minute Road Trip Recipes To Stay Well While Traveling.

May 29, 2018

What’s the best part of a road trip? The snacks, of course! Here are five easy, last minute road trip snacks for your summer road trips. Now if only packing were this easy.

Nut Butter Snack Packs made with Almond Flour Crackers Farmhouse Cheddar

Nut Butter Snack Packs

Empty out the fridge and grab all the vegetables. If you’ve got a bag of baby carrots, celery sticks, crackers and a single serving packet of your favorite nut butter, you’ve got a healthy, yet satisfying snack pack.

Chili Maple Cheddar Cracker Snack Mix made with Simple Mills Almond Flour Crakers Farmhouse Cheddar

Chili Maple Cheddar Cracker Snack Mix

You’ll want to make a batch (or two) of this sweet and spicy snack mix. Believe us, it’s deliciously addicting.

Sweet & Salty Cracker Trail Mix made with Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

Sweet & Salty Cracker Trail Mix

Sweet or salty? Why choose one when you can have both. Made with classic trail mix staples like salty (gluten free) pretzel sticks and sweet (naturally-dyed) chocolate candy, be sure you make enough to share with your road trip crew.

Wellness Latte served with Simple Mills SoftBaked Cookies

Soft Baked Cookies with a Wellness Latte

Traffic got you feeling stressed? Enjoy a peaceful moment with one of our soft baked cookies and your favorite wellness latte.

Protein Cookie Bites made with Simple Mills Almond flour Baking Mix Chocolate Muffin & Cake

Protein Cookie Bites

Recharge your batteries after a long drive with a batch of these homemade protein cookie bites, sure to give you enough energy to last for hours (or at least to get you to your vacation destination).
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