cookie swaps to holiday classics, everyone celebrates the holidays in their own style. This year, get an inside look at how our fearless founder, Katlin, will be celebrating the holiday season." />

How Simple Mills Founder and CEO , Katlin Will be Celebrating the Holidays This Year

November 06, 2020

Holiday traditions are as unique as the families celebrating them. From cookie swaps to holiday classics, everyone celebrates the holidays in their own style. This year, get an inside look at how our fearless founder, Katlin, will be celebrating the holiday season.

This year, Katlin will be spending the holidays away from her immediate family for everyone’s safety, but she is still finding ways to enjoy the festive season. “This Christmas I’ll be hosting with my partner and my best friend and her partner. We plan on getting a tree, decorating the house. Indulging in the small things…Christmas lights, fires in the fireplace, Christmas music.”

Besides savoring the little things the holiday season has to offer, Katlin plans to enjoy holiday food of course. “I’m from the south and I’m not perfect,” but Katlin knows there are still ways to bring out your best and feel good throughout the holidays - no deprivation necessary. Simply make more mindful decisions, but also find ways to truly enjoy those special recipes that are synonymous with your family’s holiday celebrations. Menu items like grandma’s gravy or a slice of that perfect Holiday Pecan Pie should not be missed!

Katlin herself will even be playing the part of head chef this year. “I’m going to be the turkey maker this year for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’ve gotten good over the years.” Katlin’s three tips and tricks for cooking the perfect holiday turkey includes: (1) bringing the turkey yourself, (2) using an in-oven thermometer, which removes all of that “turkey watching,” ultimately making for a lower stress day and (3) injecting the turkey with delicious sauces. “I love the idea of and injecting the holiday turkey with yummy sauces.  Personally, I like coconut aminos, fish sauce and worcestershire,” shares Katlin.


Besides a roasted holiday turkey, the next best thing about the holidays are the endless appetizers and side dishes. Some of Katlin’s favorites include carrots with rosemary, homemade quiche, stuffing and sweet potato casserole. “I love quiche during family holidays.”

If you want to recreate some simple side dishes for your holiday spread, try this Mushroom and Herb Stuffing or kick the fall flavor up a notch with this Spicy Sausage and Squash Stuffing. Interested in whipping up a homemade quiche like Katlin? Try these quick quiche recipes:

Christmas Morning Quiche

Feta and Tomato Quiche

Ham and Spinach Quiche

Mini Veggie Quiches

Spinach and Feta Mini Quiches

Tip: Instead of purchasing store bought pie crusts for your holiday quiche, try making your own homemade pie crust to use instead. It’s easy with our Artisan Bread Mix.


A holiday meal wouldn’t be complete without something sweet, so turn to some holiday classics like our limited edition Apple Cinnamon Muffins complete with a homemade crumble. Simply mix together almond flour, coconut oil, coconut sugar, diced pecans and oats, then spoon on to the top of your Apple Cinnamon Muffins before baking in the oven. Then, enjoy a sweet treat perfect for a holiday dessert. If you prefer a Christmas cookie instead, try Katlin’s go-to family favorite - Nut Kisses. “Nut Kisses are by far my favorite Christmas tradition in my family. They’re dairy-free and gluten-free, but they’re high in sugar,” so enjoy mindfully!

Need some other holiday dessert ideas? We’ve got plenty to choose from:


Holiday Cakes and Cupcakes

Holiday Cookies and Brownies

Holiday Pies

Holiday Treats

Whether you celebrate the holidays like Katlin, surrounded by holiday fun, good food and loved ones or travel to see family in-person, this year celebrate the holidays by keeping old traditions alive and maybe have some fun making news ones. Happy holidays everyone!

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