5 Reasons We Don't Use Natural Flavors

October 10, 2018

At Simple Mills, we are committed to our mission to enrich lives and bodies through simple, delicious, real foods. We strive to make healthful choices easy by offering foods that taste great and nourish the body long-term. That’s why we handpick each and every one of our ingredients, and also why we choose not to use natural flavors.


#1 Real Flavor Tastes Better

We believe flavors taste better when they come from the source. Nothing is better than the real deal, which is why when it comes to flavoring our products, we use the real thing. For instance, you’ll never see “Pumpkin Spice Flavoring” on our box of Pumpkin Muffin & Bread Mix. Instead, you’ll see “Pumpkin" and organic spices like Cinnamon, Cloves and Nutmeg. 

Simple Mills Nutrition facts


#2 We Value Authenticity and Transparency

We value authenticity and transparency, especially when it comes food. That’s why it’s so important we know exactly what is going into our products and ultimately our bodies. We strive to know every ingredient in each of our products.  Without knowing proprietary ingredients that natural flavors are made up of, we don't feel confident using them in our products.

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#3 “Generally Recognized As Safe” Isn’t Conclusive

Many chemicals used in “natural” flavors have not yet been studied enough to know whether or not they are safe for long-term human consumption. These chemicals and other ingredients have been labeled “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS), which just means studies haven’t found these substances to have adverse effects on the body or the environment to date.


#4 Natural Flavors Are Engineered to Keep You Wanting More

Certain foods and ingredients are chemically engineered to keep you coming back for more. Food scientists often engineer foods, flavors, and ingredients that make you want more of them. We believe in making food with real ingredients that are naturally delicious.


#5 Natural is a Loose Term

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not established a formal definition for the term “natural,” though they do have a longstanding policy concerning the use of “natural” in human food labeling. The FDA defines a natural flavor as “a substance extracted, distilled or similarly derived from plant or animal matter, either as is or has been roasted, heated or fermented, and whose function is for flavor not nutrition.”

This means foods that contain certain flavors are not necessarily getting that flavor from the real food source itself. For instance, cheese flavored foods and snacks may not necessarily contain cheese, but rather natural flavors or essence of cheese. Bottom Line: There is a lot of flexibility when using the term “natural” on food labels.


Our Stance On Natural Flavors

We choose not to use natural flavors because we want to make products from simple, real, whole-food ingredients. We believe in clean, nutritious food for a better life - it’s that simple.

Simple Mills uses only real whole food ingredients, nothing artificial ever

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