What #NonGMOMonth Means To Us

September 30, 2016

October is Non-GMO Month. Hooray for natural ingredients!  Because all Simple Mills products are Non-GMO Project Verified, we want you to understand why we choose to use only the simplest, whole food &, non-GMO ingredients in our baking mixes, frostings and crackers, and why it’s so important to us.

In case you’re unfamiliar with what GMOs exactly are, let us explain! GMOs are genetically modified organisms (this includes plants, animals, microorganisms) that have had their DNA altered through crossbreeding methods. These genetic modifications occur to organisms we consume on a regular basis, and it’s not always easy to distinguish. This means as consumers, we have to be the ones in control of reading the ingredients in the products we buy, and as businesses, we must take certain steps in ensuring our ingredients are GMO-free and getting our products verified. To prove that each ingredient in a product is worthy of being non-GMO certified, it’s raw source must first be tested.

Some of the most common GMO crops consumed are canola, corn, soy, sugar beet and cotton. Because there are so many ingredients that are derived from these products, such as high fructose corn syrup, tofu and canola oil, knowing these facts about GMOs is crucial. Animal derivatives like milk and eggs along with animal production inputs, like the growth hormone rBST which help animals produce more derivatives, are also common genetically modified organisms.

By being a Non-GMO Project Certified company, we want to be as transparent as possible with the ingredients we use. Our Farmhouse Cheddar Crackers, for example, use only organic, rBST-free cheddar cheese and our almond flour is made from unaltered, non-GMO almonds.
The Non GMO Project believes “by voting with our dollars every time we shop, collectively we have the power to change the way our food is grown and made” and we fully agree.

To hear more on GMOs and what our CEO, Katlin Smith, thinks, head here to read her article all about the issue and follow along with us this month as we share recipes in honor of #NonGMOMonth!
Lecia Riccelli:
As a celiac, diabetic concerned about healthy non gmo foods I very much enjoy many of the products you provide. Thank you
Jan 04,20