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How To Create A Nutritious & Delicious Balanced Cheeseboard

Here’s your ultimate guide to building a nutritious and delicious balanced cheeseboard for the holidays or any social gathering year-round. The key is to add foods that are delicious and nutritious! The holiday season is full of delicious foods and it’s important to remember that food plays so many wonderful roles in our lives including eating just for enjoyment, celebration, nostalgia, comfort, and tradition. 


5 Tips To Reducing Holiday Food Waste

Reducing holiday food waste made simple! It’s not just around the holidays either. It’s something we can all work to improve year-round. Here are five easy practices to actively and consciously reduce food waste.


4 DIY Nourishing Homemade Gift Ideas

When it comes to gift giving for the holidays, the gifts we give can be extra special by making them ourselves like homemade food items, DIY crafts, or a curated selection of products our loved ones will enjoy. 


Live Full Series: Luke Peterson

For this edition of our #LiveFull series, we’re highlighting Luke Peterson of A-Frame Farm - organic farmer and Simple Mills sunflower grower! For Luke, living full is all about collaboration in pursuit of an agricultural system that puts the health of the land and people first. 


Live Full Series: Joe Gardiner

#LiveFull is all about finding your groove and getting things done so that you can feel your best. It's about finding what fuels you so that you can accomplish anything. Sometimes food can be a big part of that. Find out how Farmer and Simple Mills Almond Supplier, Joe Gardiner embodies Live Full in our recent interview!


Let's Talk Natural and Artificial Flavors

We believe that if you don’t recognize an ingredient, chances are your body won’t either. So we stick to delicious, real-food ingredients that work hard for your body—and nothing artificial, ever.

We partnered with Rhyan Geiger, RDN, to break down natural and artificial flavors and explain the importance of real food ingredients!


Best Summer Hiking Snacks

Hit the trails for a summer hike, but don’t forget to pack some snacks to stay energized throughout the day! Pack your hiking bag and be sure to check out these five simple snacks, perfect for your next summertime hike.


Advancing Regenerative Agriculture in Indonesian Coconut Sugar Communities

We are proud to announce The Coconut Sugar Project, a program designed to advance regenerative agriculture in organic coconut systems in Java, Indonesia. The project was developed in collaboration with suppliers, farmers, and our partners at PUR Projet


Tips for Navigating Your Local Farmer’s Market

Whether you are looking to eat with the seasons or find ways to support local farmers, shopping at the community farmers’ market is a great place to start. Read on for tips and trips for navigating your weekend trip to the farmers market!


Unique Ways to Incorporate Protein into your Diet

We partnered with Maria Zamarripa, MS, RD, who specializes in functional nutrition, to share unique ideas for how to incorporate protein into your diet in a more purposeful way!