Tired of Pumpkin? Try These 5 Fall & Winter Vegetables Instead

November 25, 2019

Pumpkin may be the unofficial vegetable of the fall and winter seasons and we understand why. Pumpkin is delicious and there are so many ways to enjoy it. From Paleo Pumpkin Hummus to a Pumpkin Pizza Crust, the pumpkin recipe possibilities are endless, but there are a variety of other fall and winter vegetables that are just as awesome and delicious as pumpkin. Here are five fall and winter vegetables and recipes you can enjoy this holiday season.


Fall & Winter Vegetables

Acorn Squash
Acorn squash is a sweet and savory squash that makes for a great alternative to classic holiday dishes like candied yams. When selecting an acorn squash at your local farmers market or grocery store, pick one that is dull in color and heavy in weight. Avoid any with cracks or soft spots. When preparing, wash your acorn squash then cut it into ½  inch slices. Place slices on a baking sheet and drizzle with avocado oil. If you’re going for savory, add a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt, but if you prefer sweet, add a dash of cinnamon. Simply bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes then enjoy as a side dish, perfect for your next holiday gathering with family and friends.

Acorn Squash Recipes
Creamy Fall Soup in Acorn Squash Bowls

Harvest Stuffed Acorn Squash

Slow Cooked Winter Squash with Sage and Thyme

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is a type of winter squash and is extremely versatile. Butternut squash skin is thin, making it relatively easy to cut. Wonderful when roasted, butternut squash can also be served boiled, pureed or stuffed. It makes an excellent addition to curries, homemade ravioli, risottos, and stir fries. Butternut squash can also be substituted for any recipe that calls for pumpkin. Remember to keep the seeds, which can be roasted, just like pumpkin seeds.

Butternut Squash Recipes

Deep Dish Pizza with Winter Vegetables

Jackfruit, Fig, and Butternut Squash Pizza

Spicy Sausage and Squash Stuffing

Butternut Squash and Mushroom Strata


Delicata Squash
Delicata squash is oblong in shape, is yellow or orange in color and sometimes includes light-colored stripes. Delicata squash tastes like a cross between corn, squash, and sweet potato. Their football like shape gives them the unique ability to hold their shape while cooking, making them an excellent choice for stuffings. You can also enjoy them on their own with a sprinkle of your favorite seasonings. Uncut winter squash should be stored in a paper bag and kept in the refrigerator. When stored properly, winter squash should keep for at least one month.

Delicata Squash Recipes

Delicata Squash with Sunflower Seeds

Delicata Squash Bake with Tahini Sauce

Roasted Delicata Squash with Quinoa Salad


Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard is dark leafy greens that have stalks resembling celery stalks. Swiss chard stalks can vary in color and can include green, orange, pink, red, yellow or can even be rainbow. Swiss Chard should be stored unwashed, in a plastic bag and placed in your refrigerator's crisper for 2-3 days. This fall leafy green doesn’t last long, so be sure to use it soon after purchase to get the most nutritional benefit.


Swiss Chard Recipes

Rainbow Chard Hummus Wraps

Sauteed Swiss Chard with Garlic & Lemon

Swiss Chard with Shallots


Turnips are a cruciferous vegetable and can be enjoyed raw or cooked. Peppery in flavor, turnips are perfect for pickling. If you are looking for a mildly sweet taste, select small to medium-sized turnips. Baby turnips are especially sweet and are perfect for eating raw, roasted or tossed in salads just like radishes. Although these vegetables are delicious, they can be difficult to cut, here are some tips on how to properly cut a turnip.


Turnip Recipes

Apple-Cider Glazed Turnips

Roasted Turnips and Greens

Simply Roasted Turnips

Although pumpkin is a seasonal favorite, try something new this season and try these five fall and winter veggies that are just as good as a pumpkin. Enjoy all of the bounties the fall and winter seasons have to offer and be sure to show us how you enjoy these fall and winter vegetables by tagging us @SimpleMills. 

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